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About me

& my journey

My journey into Sensation

I always felt a deep longing to feel alive, to explore life with all senses through my own body and through a more intimate and profound connection to other human beings.

After a career in a big industry corporation with various strategic and management responsibilities of nearly 20 years I felt a strong calling to fully dedicate my energy to all that keeps me -and all of us- alive and vibrant: Breath, sound, touch and movement. Sensing and grasping the universal life force became my life’s passion.

The path of exploring body, energy work and consciousness began in 2012 with Yoga and personality trainings. Since then I had invested any spare time, weekends and holidays into various body work methods, Tantra trainings, Chi Gong, family constellation work and other body-oriented therapies. Among others I went through several body de-armouring trainings, intensively looked into a Reichian bodywork modality called SKAN, got initiated into Reiki and went through three years of a trauma therapy in Somatic Experiencing. Until I finally found a bodywork modality that beautifully combines many of the above practices: BBTR, Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release.

Completing this practitioner program between 2017-2019 has changed my life. As I experienced a deep transformation of myself and of many other people in the program this would further confirm my determination for my life’s purpose. I let go of my old job. Now I entirely focus on and live what I love:

My passion is to support others to feel fully alive, reconnect to the power within, release old emotions and traumas and allow the life force to flow freely  through this magic vessel we call our body.