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Experience inner ecstasy


as a key to rediscovering your senses

Lovingly reconnecting to your body enables you to naturally feel what nurtures you. Becoming aware of the pleasure of life that is always there in and around you – even in the most simple way like feeling the wind touch your hair or rain falling on your skin – is immensely powerful. Feeling pleasure from inside every cell of your own body opens up all your senses.

It opens up your heart and brings you alive to an extent that your mind could never even imagine.

Sexual energy is life force energy

[Prana, Chi, Ki, Orgon, Elan Vitale, etc.]

It’s mainly the mind that creates a difference between the two. When intentions and judgements have dropped, Eros is the most natural form of being present in your body.  I invite you to celebrate yourself as a sexual being not just as a means to turn on your partner, but in everyday life to turn on yourself and open up to the flow of life, independently from what is happening in the world around you. You decide on the level of energy and pleasure you want to experience.

Learn to indulge into the energetic charge instead of judging or resisting it. By regulating emotions inside your nervous system and relaxing into the excitement that may first irritate the body you grow the capacity to hold pleasure and can enjoy the pulsation, tingling and waves of life running through you in the present moment.

Free your body

To free up the body from old limiting mental patterns and physical bonds that have blocked energetic flow we work on:

  • personal needs & boundaries, building a safe space
  • reconnecting to the senses (learning to feel with all senses, especially the felt sense)
  • getting into contact with your energetic charge, learning to charge, discharge and regulate energy
  • grounding, distributing, balancing and storing energy in the body

The work will mostly be done in groups, but can also be integrated into one-on-one sessions.

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