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Breathing in, coming into Flow

Feeling alive from within

In essence life is energy in motion

When we suppress our emotions this powerful life force gets stuck in the muscles and fascia of the body, causing restriction, tension and trauma. Deep connected breathing – together with sound, touch and movement – allows you to let go of old emotions and reconnects you to the cosmic stream of energy (Prana, Chi, Orgon, etc.).

Thus breathwork is a beautiful means to release habitual holding patterns and to keep your body alive and vibrant.

Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release (BBTR)

Reconnecting to the true nature of your being.

In the BBTR breathwork we combine different bodywork and trauma release modalities, such as Somatic Experiencing, Bioenergetics, as well as trigger point therapy and myofascial energetic release (M.E.R.) to free up the life force in the tissues of the body and bring you back into your innate vitality. As you learn to regulate and invigorate your nervous system you are able to relax even into very strong energetic charge rather than going against it.

Thereby you can move from resisting an emotional charge to indulging into the pleasure of it. The breath literally opens the door for stepping out of old habits and identifications. You finally realize that you are neither your thoughts nor your emotions – but an amazingly powerful stream of free consciousness that has rejoined forces and made peace with the body that it ensouls.

Working with the Felt Sense

“Feel to heal” -Giten Tonkov-

When you joyfully surrender to the breath, your awareness is brought into conscious presence and turned inside. You are tuning into your inner sensations like an antenna, tuning into a radio station. By using this ´felt sense´ you intuitively recognize your true needs, boundaries and desires -not just in an actual breathwork session but in general for your life. As you reconnect  to your body it will not give you any other chance but to also reconnect to your heart and your life’s purpose. This connection to the body is vital for the energetic nourishment of body and soul. When all senses are awakened, your body’s intuition is guiding you through life in every moment. The connection to your felt sense is the gateway into self-responsibility.

When you are deeply connected to your body, you are continuously in tune and at ease with it. When you stop disregarding your feelings, dis-ease becomes obsolete as your body doesn’t have to show you where you went “off track”. Health is naturally restored. As you feel, you heal.

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Client Feedback

“Each breathing session with Niels helps me to gain new insights, process feelings and feel freer. The sessions are an important part of my development. Through his calm presence, wonderful music and intuitive impulses, he supports me in letting go of old patterns of behaviour and coming into my power.”