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Body De-armouring & Emotional Release

Surrender to the stream of Life

Letting go of the armour

If you watch a small child wildly and ceaselessly romping around for the whole day you may wonder about the toddler’s sheer infinite source of energy that never runs out. What looks like magic is in fact the natural state of our being. As we grow up we have learned to control our emotions by holding the breath and tensing the muscles. These repetitive holding structures became what Wilhelm Reich referred to as the “character armour”: Habitual patterns of muscular contraction have created belts of tension . By the time we have “grown-up” we actually find ourselves bound-up in a physical corset that restricts the flow of the life force in the body. The ego has traded in our connection to infinite free energy for safety.

Our inner stance is reflected in our physical posture. When this “character” structure is gradually loosened up again through de-armouring our conscious choices in life widen dramatically. Automatic character programs disappear when we realise the tension. We can only release what we realise. If we do so, the former defense mechanisms from our past are no longer needed. The energy that had been stored in the tissue is set free. As we learn to let go, old emotional traumas resolve. The Chi (life force) is freely moving through the body, all organs are vitalised and health is restored.

The nervous system calms down and can self-regulate, emotions lose their trigger. We now realise that we have stepped outside our old character and reclaim responsibilty for our life.

Meet your shadow

It’s about self-love!

If you like to go into De-armouring practices you should be willing to meet your own shadow. If you rather prefer to look the other way this is not for you. It works by bringing awareness to the holding patterns that have been hidden in the Unconscious. We may use trigger point therapy, energy work or just words (radical honesty). Every session is different and the work is highly intuitive, but it always requires the active engagement of the client. Ask yourself: Are you willing to explore your own inner shadows without judging them? 

As you consciously breathe into the restricted areas (trigger points) the tissue is vitalised and opens up for energetic flow. Lovingly accepting and reconciling with what has been deeply buried in the body is the most effective way of release. The physical and emotional/ energetic releases are directly interconnected. The work can bring up strong emotions like fear, anger, grief as well as pleasure or even bliss. And it often reconnects you to your truth. In every blockage there is an infinite potential of energy that has been stored. The process of release doesn’t need to be painful. It is all a matter of inner attitude. It is the resistance (of the body and especially of the mind) that creates the suffering.

As you relax and surrender into the intensity of the energetic charge you will see the immense beauty from which you used to hide. When you shine self-love into and embrace all the dark corners of yourself, you eventually realise, that you had been running away from your own power.

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