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Energy Work

Getting back “in charge” of the energy

You are in charge,

I am in service.

A major part of the breathwork -and also of the other body-oriented practices I am offering- is the work with the Life Force (Prana, Chi, etc.). Learning how to charge yourself up with, hold, move and balance the energy in your body is essential in order to become aware of your energetic habits. Everybody longs for more energy in their life, but very few people realise, how they can literally get back “in charge” of their energies by themselves!

In the breath sessions your nervous system learns to hold and regulate far more energy than it is commonly used to. Thus you will gradually adapt and allow yourself to relax into increasingly higher states of arousal. Every time the body has experienced those states of high energetic charge in a safe and pleasurable way, an old habit of running away, wasting or fighting the life force, is overwritten and new nerve tracts are created in the brain.

Feeling the bliss of the energetic intensity will most probably lead you to a strong purpose: “I will not hold back my power any longer!”

The joyful heart

As the heart opens chi flows

The free flow of energy through the body is not only influenced by the depth of the breath, the level of relaxation and the nervous system’s capacity to hold charge but -first and foremost- by our conscious awareness. It is all about getting out of the mind and into the heart. The mind either resists the breath or clears the way for the ride on the waves of ecstacy. Energy work sessions are mainly working on the basis of a relaxed mind, that is stepping aside, thus allowing the waves of vitality to run through the body. When the mind rests, the heart can open up and create a lovely state of flow.

By “taking Chi to heart”, I decide what I want to experience. With an open heart I can embrace whatever shows up on the waves of the breath without judging it. Doing the work together, I invite you to let it happen in the same way. When you drop all thoughts and become the observer, you can see your own essence shining through the emotional phenomena that may have hold you back in the past. Recognizing yourself as a stream of pure consciousness, you can freely dance with the beautiful stream of the life force. Now the vibrant joy in the heart is spreading into every cell of your body.

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