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Myofascial Energetic Release (M.E.R.)

Tune into your Self

It’s all connected.

Working with fascia can immensely benefit your health and well-being as it reaches deep down into your core. Fascia is the body’s connective tissue, that literally connects, supports and forms the structure of the whole body. It enfolds bones, muscles, organs and defines the body contour, providing stability and flexibility at the same time. As Ida Rolf, the founder of Rolfing, stated: Fascia is the organ of structure and movement. As it interconnects everything, the work deeply touches the whole being of the client. Sometimes strong energetic tingles may emerge in a part of the body that is far away from that part which is currently treated.

Fascia can be thought of as the electro-magnetic energy grid of the body. For Life force (Chi) to flow freely, the tissue needs to be vital, elastic and free of blockages. By working with the connective tissue we can enhance lymphatic flow, improve supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cell, heal nerve restrictions and rebalance the structure of the body as a whole.

When fibres are untangled, old trauma and emotions that were bound up in the tissue, are released. Now life has plenty of space to unfold from within.

Meet your body

Welcome home.

Touch is essential for healing. Most people in modern society are rarely touched at all. Being given lovingly and sensitively it can already heal on its own. During a session I would invite you to actively breathe into the points I touch and ask you to affectionately reconnect to those areas of your body that long for attention. A tension usually arises when we haven’t paid attention before. Then we “pay” with a tension. Sensing into a sore spot you may suddenly feel the energy of an old emotion that has been buried in the tissue. Sometimes clients will remember experiences from early childhood that had been forgotten a long time ago. Others would have spontaneous insights during the treatment. Along with the energetic release comes the release of emotions. 

By feeling into the body and really meeting it unconditonally, you are  touched and you will -in a particular way- also be touching yourself. By wholeheartedly meeting your body as a whole you are experiencing a new bond with it. It may feel new and a little peculiar at first. But after a while, you may be really feeling at home in your body for the very first time.

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